How does the Simpresso Portable Espresso Machine work?

Reassembly the water filter after clean.

Place the clean and dry Stainless Steel Bracket and the Reusable Filter into the bottom of the Water Tank.

Use Smart Capsule. Optimal coffee grind size is on the coarser side (i.e., roughly the consistency of coarse beach sand that is still porous to allow water through). Lightly tamp with bottom of scoop.

Screw the Nozzle Head into the Water Tank tightly.

Screw the Hand Pump onto the Water Tank tightly.

Use NS Capsule. Aluminum capsules only. Plastic versions are too rigid, inflexible and non-conforming in shape.

Fill boiling water into the water tank with water level marks for ristretto (25ml), espresso (40ml) to lungo (110ml)

Pump tempo with one squeeze per second. First ~5 pumps builds up pressure in the unit and will not extract any coffee at the bottom of the nozzle yet until pressure build up is complete. Once pressure is done building up, you will hear a very light pop with the espresso then flowing out of the bottom of the nozzle.

Disassembly tips for cleaning

Use the Hand Pump Handle to push out the Filter Bracket.

Put the Nozzle Head at the bottom, hold tightly and push down the Heat Insulation Tube to separate with the Water Tank for fully cleaning.

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