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Simpresso Premium Travel Package

Simpresso Premium Travel Package

SKU: 6301257050256
$79.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
Color: Black



    SIMPRESSO Package includes:

    1 pc Simpresso unit,

    1 pc detachable transparent cup,
    4 set smart capsules,

    1 set NS capsule filter basket, 

    1 pc waterproof travel bag,

    1 pc scoop,
    1 pc instruction book.


    Dimension 215x80x65 mm (8.46x3.15x2.56 in)
    Weight 350 g (0.78 lbs)
    Water capacity 120 ml (2.35 oz)
    Average pressure 20 bar (275 psi)
    Compatibility Simpresso Smart Capsules (8-9grams Capacity)
    Nespresso®* Original capsules and Most of compatible capsules
    Materials All parts contacting hot water will use PCTG materials. It is a 100% BPA free material and food contact safe material
    Accessories Built-in 110ml transparent espresso cup
    Waterproof Travel Bag
    Style: Roll Top Dry Bag with zip lock seals
    Size: 37mm L X 56mm W
    Weight: 50g


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